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System76 ACPI Driver


  • system76-acpi-driver-1.0.1-r1
    kernel_linux kernel_linux

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commit a73163e935dc15da20afc2c17747750031b24336
Author: Bryan Gardiner <>
Date: Mon May 11 20:06:43 2020 -0700

system76-acpi-driver, system76-io-driver: Fix kernel directory lookup.

The makefiles for these projects find the kernel to build for by using
"uname -r", which is wrong when changing kernels. This changes the
ebuilds to pass the kernel directory provided by Portage.

commit 3a3c7ffb48b1373105b9945a68c205bc72f4b19d
Author: Bryan Gardiner <>
Date: Fri Apr 3 18:30:42 2020 -0700

system76-acpi-driver-1.0.1, system76-io-driver-1.0.1: New packages.