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    debug developer

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commit 17bedb24b457189974cfada68814c0313c66e5bd
Author: Patrick Höhn <>
Date: Fri Oct 18 15:22:47 2019 +0200

Corrections / Additions to PR436 (#437)

* updated copyright

* Updated new ebuild file for mono-addins 1.3.3 to resolve installation error
ändrad: mono-addins-1.3.3.ebuild

* updated headers in older mono-addins verisons

* test to adjust to travis repoman

* Now all mono-addins ebuilds should not cause any errors in travis

* correct keywords in dash and s ebuilds

ändrad: app-emacs/dash/dash-9999.ebuild
ändrad: app-emacs/s/s-9999.ebuild

* updated copyright statement in all ebuilds

* Revert "updated copyright statement in all ebuilds"

This reverts commit 554df08f05e420d8643aaedc59dd2c655f7a2125.

* updated copyright and removed stale CVS header

* removed Stale CVS heard in ndepend-path ebuild

* corrected ulr in ndepend-path

ändrad: dev-dotnet/ndepend-path/ndepend-path-0.0_p20151123.ebuild

* hopefully corrected all uri.https problems

* corrected uris

commit 118bf4f185f884cec522c066dd148df870897961
Author: Mikhail Pukhlikov <>
Date: Sat Jan 7 19:43:46 2017 +0400

New year

commit f2c31e9e34f9486276fe1193d64649ebc57c2f2c
Author: ArsenShnurkov <>
Date: Sun Feb 21 17:15:35 2016 +0300

maintainer type proj added

commit 206f055233bc35072885fa28ee056193e7fd518e
Author: ArsenShnurkov <>
Date: Sun Feb 21 02:47:51 2016 +0300

remove herd lines

commit 4f761293e163822fc10d0fe1aa6555cafd4ceec3
Author: Heather <>
Date: Wed Aug 12 15:29:56 2015 +0400

fix headers and copyright lines

commit 958b12f377e051df254451bc30f7e2a1a025c005
Author: Heather <>
Date: Fri May 31 12:24:19 2013 +0400

clean up

Nemerle 1.2

mono 3.0.11 SHA256

fix overlay by forking mono-env eclass and removing SRC_URI from it

3.0.11 -> stable // 3.0.12 -> wait for git tag

mono -> dotnet eclass & lesser fixes

Update mono-3.0.12.ebuild

Fake nuget packages update

failess update

fake / nuget eclasses fix

fixed FAKE mono build

failess bump

Update s-9999.ebuild

Update dash-9999.ebuild

fix Issue with mono ebuild when using USE=pax_kernel, thanks to senditu

mono 3.0.12 as source tarball

3.0.12 tarball fails, masking by keywords for now

apply fix for mono on own fork & point it on ebuilds & lesser changes

stable fake ebuild

lesser changes

posix fixed on upstream

lesser changes & bump

cut mono 3.0.13 , it doesn't exist yet...

egit_tag -> egit_commit

fake ebuild -> switch to tarball

lesser fix + digest

fix fake builds & update

mono 3.1.1

mask 3.1.1 by keywords, failing to build

mono 3.1.2 ! works from tarball without git finally

F# fake bump

mono 3.2.0 from tarball

clean up older mono versions

lesser QA

modified: dev-dotnet/nuget/nuget-9999.ebuild

manifest file for fake

not-live NuGet version


fix nuget

mask nuget


set framework to 4.5

linked SO question

mask 3.2.0

Update nuget-9999.ebuild

dirty fix for xsp

replace unsafe calls with autotools ecalss ones

xsp snapshot based on 2013.07.30, thanks to kensington

lesser correction

mono 3.2.1, hotfix


bump fake ebuilds

gtk sharp from bug 382491

gnome sharp from bug 382491

patched gtk-sharp-module eclass from bug 382491


gnome-sharp fix

mono-addins 1.0 from 482502

newer monodevelop from 458810

commit b697d2a09a7fd239a35f0e4f7b915401bc84e96b
Author: Heather <>
Date: Mon Apr 1 08:53:59 2013 +0400



use flags related depends for binding

F# bindings emacs; new emacs modes: s, dash

autocomplete for emacs mode

don't use conditional inherit


lesser QA

fsharpbinding emacs install correction

lesser corrections for F# binding package


F# unicode letters support with unicode use flag

beanch name correction

Nemrle UnixSupport for testing

set -j1 makeopts to be more safe at least awhile trying to build it

Iron Scheme

metadata correction

remove weird script


repoint unix support to upstream


rename repo

mono 3.0.8; mono 3.0.9, 3.0.5 -> stable

remove ebuild forked mono

newer ebuilds correction


fix new eclass for mono git tags

reject cond inherits in eclass

prepare automake files

3.0.9 fails :(

mask 3.0.8 too :(


F# 3.0.27

F# 3.0.27 (ebuild)

lesser readme update

mono 3.10

3.0.7 -> stable; 3.10 -> very unstable, using new eclass and git tag


manifest for ikvm-bin

ikvm - 7.2.4630.5

fix repo path

fake -> 4.0

mono3 fixes for FAKE from toyvo

fake 2.1.180

unixSupport branch is merged with master and removed from fork

mono 3.0.10 -> stable

put weird mono ebuild back because there is some weird stuff in 3.0.10

mask 3.0.10

fake ebuilds update

fix fake & NuGet

additional fix for fake ebuilds & clean up

Update nemerle-9999.ebuild

Update metadata.xml

fix use flag name

mono has fixed tag name

<directhex> Heather, 3.0.10 tarballs are broken due to a bug which is fixed in master
<directhex> also 3.0.7 and 3.0.8 and 3.0.9

unmask libgdiplus with mono unmask

reset keywords, add mono-3.0.10 from tag back

mono 3.0.10 contains error, 3.0.11 will be fine

fix mono by reverting breaking commit

revert is going for 3.0.10, will be fixed in 3.0.11

corrections for nuget ecalss + failess util

fake update

clean up & rename

nuport is broken