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Set of tools to support cross platform Qt projects by Aseman


  • aseman-qt-tools-1.9999
    +keychain sensors +widgets +multimedia webkitwidgets webenginewidgets +positioning +dbus

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    Overlay: prototype99 (layman)


commit ceb06a95df6b215b60c88ae0705f38d402704692
Author: Seirra <>
Date: Sun Jul 26 01:08:55 2020 +0100

update manifests

commit a62f1a195ef93386be5d3a2711894dffc79dfb19
Author: Seirra <>
Date: Sat Jul 25 14:06:02 2020 +0100

import ::rindeal app-misc, dev-libs/glib, dev-libs/libgit2, dev-libs/libxml2, dev-php, dev-util (except smartgit), sys-apps/shadow, sys-apps/util-linux, sys-fs, sys-process