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  • citadel-8.04
    ~amd64 ~x86
    ldap pam pic postfix ssl threads

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    Overlay: sabayon (layman)
  • citadel-6.25
    ~x86 ~ppc ~sparc
    ldap ssl zlib

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# ChangeLog for mail-mta/citadel
# Copyright 1999-2012 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
# $Header: $

*citadel-8.04 (20 Feb 2012)

20 Feb 2012; the_mgt +citadel-8.04.ebuild,
+files/README.gentoo, -C, files/citadel.init:
Version bump to 8.04 and EAPI=4 cleanups. Initscript improved and gentoo
helpfile added. Thanks to floppym, hasufell and everyone else who was most

07 Oct 2011; Markos Chandras <> citadel-7.86.ebuild:
Drop non-existing dependency to net-mail/mainwrapper

21 Apr 2011; the_mgt -citadel-7.85.ebuild,
Version bump, moved postfix to RDEPEND and removed leftover from binkis
PROVIDE cleanup. Need to contact virtual/mta maintainer to get things

26 Mar 2011; Nathan Phillip Brink (binki) <>
Remove old-style virtual virtual/imapd. See bug 350792 comment 14.

17 Mar 2011; Nathan Phillip Brink (binki) <>
Remove PROVIDE="virtual/mda" as virtual/mda is a new-style virtual and
gentoo-x86's virtual now lists mail-mta/citadel.

29 Jan 2011; the_mgt the_mgt -files/mailer.conf:
Removed mailer.conf. No longer needed since mailwrapper was removed.

29 Jan 2011; the_mgt the_mgt -citadel-7.84.ebuild,
+citadel-7.85.ebuild, metadata.xml:
Version Bump. Also removed mailwrapper support and added postfix useflag,
since that combination is supported by upstream.

20 Dec 2010; the_mgt -citadel-7.83.ebuild,
Late version bump to most recent version of Citadel suite packages

03 Aug 2010; the_mgt (the_mgt) <> citadel-7.83.ebuild:
Since all three Citadel packages are now having the same version number
again, switching back to PV for dependency in citadel-7.83 ebuild

02 Aug 2010; the_mgt (the_mgt) <> -citadel-7.82.ebuild,
Yet another version bump, upstream maintanance and bug fix release

22 Jul 2010; the_mgt (the_mgt) <> -citadel-7.72.ebuild,
Version bump to 7.82

21 Feb 2010; the_mgt -citadel-7.71.ebuild,
Version bump for citadel, enewuser line fixed. Bugfix/maintenance update

08 Feb 2010; the_mgt -citadel-7.66.ebuild,
+citadel-7.71.ebuild, ,files/citadel.init:
Version bump to current 7.71 version. Corrected and improved init script

04 Oct 2009; the_mgt +citadel-7.66.ebuild,
+files/citadel.confd, +files/citadel.init, +files/mailer.conf,
New Ebuild for bug 62119 Thanks for the reviews and help to the people of