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Cursynth is a polyphonic music synthesizer that runs graphically inside your terminal.


  • cursynth-1.4
    ~x86 ~amd64
    alsa jack oss pulseaudio

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    Overlay: booboo (layman)


commit a4c4b6afed27acb348cd19dfed35340d8a61639f
Author: Sergey Alirzaev <>
Date: Fri Jun 6 20:57:49 2014 +0400

* cursynth: the configuration script is sooo fucked up

commit bad740d1ab9e2b19016c57d4ea4e6e827e26a70f
Author: Sergey Alirzaev <>
Date: Wed Mar 19 14:45:14 2014 +0400

+ cursynth: a crude new ebuild