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The Music Player Daemon (mpd) with SACD & DVD-Audio support


  • mpd-sacd-9999
    ~amd64 ~x86
    adplug +alsa ao audiofile bzip2 cdio +curl debug +eventfd expat faad +fifo +ffmpeg flac fluidsynth gme +icu +id3tag +inotify +ipv6 jack lame mms libav libmpdclient libsamplerate libsoxr +mad mikmod modplug mpg123 musepack +network nfs ogg openal opus oss pipe pulseaudio recorder samba selinux sid +signalfd sndfile soundcloud sqlite systemd tcpd twolame unicode upnp vorbis wavpack wildmidi zeroconf zip zlib webdav +sacd kernel_linux

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    Overlay: pg_overlay (layman)