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An open-source vector based car navigation system with a routing engine.


  • navit-9999
    ~amd64 ~arm ~x86
    dbus garmin hildon +nls python +svg svg2png samplemap gps_source_android +gps_source_demo +gps_source_file gps_source_gpsd gps_source_gypsy gps_source_iphone gps_source_wince graphics_android graphics_gd +graphics_gtk graphics_opengl graphics_qt graphics_sdl graphics_win32 gui_sdl +gui_gtk +gui_internal gui_win32 speech_android speech_cmd speech_speechd

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    Overlay: bgo-overlay (outside)

Reverse Dependencies

Reverse dependancies are sometimes conditional based on your USE flags, Ebuild version and sometimes other packages. please keep this in mind.