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tool to help the programmer output log statements to a variety of output targets


  • log4net-1.2.11-r2
    ~amd64 ~x86
    debug developer +gac pkg-config

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  • log4net-1.2.11
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commit 17bedb24b457189974cfada68814c0313c66e5bd
Author: Patrick Höhn <>
Date: Fri Oct 18 15:22:47 2019 +0200

Corrections / Additions to PR436 (#437)

* updated copyright

* Updated new ebuild file for mono-addins 1.3.3 to resolve installation error
ändrad: mono-addins-1.3.3.ebuild

* updated headers in older mono-addins verisons

* test to adjust to travis repoman

* Now all mono-addins ebuilds should not cause any errors in travis

* correct keywords in dash and s ebuilds

ändrad: app-emacs/dash/dash-9999.ebuild
ändrad: app-emacs/s/s-9999.ebuild

* updated copyright statement in all ebuilds

* Revert "updated copyright statement in all ebuilds"

This reverts commit 554df08f05e420d8643aaedc59dd2c655f7a2125.

* updated copyright and removed stale CVS header

* removed Stale CVS heard in ndepend-path ebuild

* corrected ulr in ndepend-path

ändrad: dev-dotnet/ndepend-path/ndepend-path-0.0_p20151123.ebuild

* hopefully corrected all uri.https problems

* corrected uris

commit 118bf4f185f884cec522c066dd148df870897961
Author: Mikhail Pukhlikov <>
Date: Sat Jan 7 19:43:46 2017 +0400

New year

commit 1fb4a621456649232e01190adc47cae290be43ab
Author: ArsenShnurkov <>
Date: Sat Oct 1 11:19:02 2016 +0300

converting mine ebuilds to einstall_pc_file from eclass

commit b93e18209ed3406739db085c3018004c41999682
Author: ArsenShnurkov <>
Date: Wed Aug 17 01:35:07 2016 +0300

remove base from inherit line

commit f2c31e9e34f9486276fe1193d64649ebc57c2f2c
Author: ArsenShnurkov <>
Date: Sun Feb 21 17:15:35 2016 +0300

maintainer type proj added

commit 206f055233bc35072885fa28ee056193e7fd518e
Author: ArsenShnurkov <>
Date: Sun Feb 21 02:47:51 2016 +0300

remove herd lines

commit 4f761293e163822fc10d0fe1aa6555cafd4ceec3
Author: Heather <>
Date: Wed Aug 12 15:29:56 2015 +0400

fix headers and copyright lines

commit f6b741996f29a2ce0ffeebf54ab0cec121dc151a
Author: ArsenShnurkov <>
Date: Thu Aug 6 13:28:15 2015 +0300


commit b0fc8525a8a411fc7d9f9112ce357e4cd6954dce
Author: Heather <>
Date: Sun Jan 11 12:22:48 2015 +0400

log4net QA

commit cf56e1544fa5ca822f2a7d22e1e5248921163a0e
Author: Heather <>
Date: Tue Aug 27 12:46:05 2013 +0400

fix fsharpbinding

force 3.2.15 fsharpbinding

mistake fix


install guide


hyena QA


fix manifest

nemerle ebuilds update

nemerle keywods

nuget eclass QA

nuget, fakse eclasses QA

lesser QA

eapi bump for emacs packages

failess bump

stabilize nuget

fake bump

live ebuild fix

simplfy gnome-desktop-sharp

gnome sharp QA

simplefie gtk-sharp

libgdiplus fixes

mono 3.2.1 is also buggy

Optional DEPEND eclasses

eclasses QA

nuget QA

eclasses fix

failess missing ebuild

fix eclasses

improve fake ebuilds

failess wrapper

trailing ;

fake qa

gnome-desktop-sharp QA


shelly / elcass fix

lesser qa


fix gnome-desktop-sharp mistake


convert Makefile patch for upstream Makefile changes

version thing fixed upstream

eutils make_wrapper instead of weirdness

Download tarball from github, not from codeplex

correct mono addins with autotools

makefile patch update

lesser QA

addpredict to registery

monodevelop 4.1.9

TODO: add log4net 1.2.12

ported smuxi 0.8.11 to newer mono and monolitic gtk-sharp ebuild

log4net 1.2.10

rm log4net 1.2.10 due mistical crap

log4net 1.2.10 raise from dead

eclass switch

correct log4net 1.2.10

install correction

Smuxi 0.9

drop useless postins chown

seding installed scripts for 4.0 mono compatibility and disabling debug

live smuxi version


fix 9999 smuxi

fix 9999 smuxi 2