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A PlayStation 2 emulator



commit 0f7b5f97cb6141699d41f3d2e4dc5d747181baff
Author: Eugene Baklanov <>
Date: Thu Nov 1 22:25:07 2018 +0700

Fixing emulator ebuilds.

Just a bit of upkeep.

commit afc8b5e49a41e38bcbe3e00c6150d3a56a58d58e
Author: Eugene Baklanov <>
Date: Tue Jul 11 14:23:39 2017 +0600

Adding explicit DSL2_API=TRUE to PCSX2 ebuild

This might not do anything since I think the default is to use SDL2,
but it's probably better to keep it explicit anyway.

commit 8118f28ac2ea207a010c91910e3fad034f478b7f
Author: Eugene Baklanov <>
Date: Mon Jul 10 12:53:34 2017 +0600

Moving the custom repositry to git

Made a git repository post factum; adding all custom ebuilds at once.