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Printer driver for Brother MFC-L2720DW (brgenml1)



commit b955d0f50b60b4283057177552e53bc361f9711f
Author: Matthew White <>
Date: Sat Oct 26 13:58:42 2019 +0200

unquote EAPI values in ebuild files

Right now, about 87% of ebuild files in the official Gentoo's
repository use an unquoted EAPI value.

Also, it is implied in the Gentoo developer's manual to use an
unquoted EAPI value:

commit b0d120ab4a48e9499f91fd665325e9b29b1bb0f9
Merge: 9b4e8bc 77d6edb
Author: stefan-langenmaier <>
Date: Fri Oct 25 23:11:07 2019 +0200

Merge pull request #77 from mehw/fix_Manifest_and_SRC_URI

fix Manifest files and links (aka SRC_URI)

commit 2ce0ea747cb47f0546d434f9528ae873dde6c21f
Author: Matthew White <>
Date: Fri Oct 25 20:25:48 2019 +0200

fix Manifest files: Gentoo Council approved BLAKE2B SHA512

Unneeded Manifest files were removed, and needed Manifest files were updated.

Holding back net-print/brother-dcpj4120dw-bin/Manifest due to a non-working
link to dcpj4120dwlpr-3.0.1-1.i386.rpm in brother-dcpj4120dw-bin-3.0.1-r1.ebuild.

media-gfx/brother-scan4-bin/Manifest is already sane, even with non-working
links to brscan4-0.4.6-1.x86_64.rpm and brscan4-0.4.6-1.i386.rpm in both
brother-scan4-bin-0.4.6-r1.ebuild and r2 files.

Below there is an excerpt of the linked document.

[gentoo-dev] manifest-hashes changing to 'BLAKE2B SHA512' on 2017-11-21

The updated plan

Already done:

- revbumped Portage with pyblake2 dep and started stabilizing it,

- added git update hook to reject invalid Manifest entries.

2017-11-21 (T+7d):

- manifest-hashes = BLAKE2B SHA512

2018-02-14 (T+3m):

- manifest-required-hashes = BLAKE2B

2018-05-14 (T+6m):

- last rite fetch-restricted packages that do not use BLAKE2B.

The final removal of SHA512 will be decided by the Council separately.

commit 87aeba8c8976b5cd3fcfef015db84b74f4e0773a
Author: Matthew White <>
Date: Fri Oct 25 17:35:55 2019 +0200

remove all stale headers from ebuilds

commit 9c64ebaa455134d6e07a04a00b0e80fa88e35237
Author: Stefan Langenmaier <>
Date: Sun May 29 16:26:01 2016 -0400

add generated driver ebuilds